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Incident Report:
No space weather storms were observed for the past 24 hours.

Expected Incidents:
No space weather storms are predicted for the next 24 hours.

Produced: 2014 Jun 05 2105 UTC

Forecast for the three days
beginning 6 June

Created 2014 Jun 05 2200 UTC

General Forecast:
Solar activity is likely to be low with a slight chance for an M-class flare on days one, two, and three (06 Jun, 07 Jun, 08 Jun).

The geomagnetic field is expected to be at quiet to unsettled levels on days one, two, and three (06 Jun, 07 Jun, 08 Jun).

About our Space Weather Warning Service

This service is pretty reliable since it uses data from the US Government Noaa service forecast updated daily, and the report updated 3 hourly so its nearly real time. If they go down due to a solar flare its too late!

We here at Twotsi have got rather concerned with the statements that NASA made in June 2011 regarding their inability to predict major solar events, and their issuing of a video to their employees on preparing for an emergency. We looked to see if we could find a free Alert service that would give timely warnings of an event but could not do so, so we found where the info was online and came up with a way to produce a system backed by the might of NASA and Noaa. Here it is, you can register from the form at the left.

The system uses email but if you link your email address to a cell phone then you will get the alerts practically when we issue them. You can set what level of alert you want to start recieving messages from, and unsubscribe from the service whenever you like. You will only get more than one alert a day if the situation is escalating rapidly or Noaa declare an emergency. We will also send an alert if a severe or worse warning is retracted to sound the 'All Clear'.

How many Space Weather Alert Emails Will I get?

This depends on whether the sun is very active or not and how you set your account. You will get a minimum of one email in a 30 day period just to assure you that the service is still alive and kicking. For each time the situation escalates past the level you define you will get an alert email, followed by an all clear email when the event is over or the alert is retracted by Noaa

What does an Alert Message Contain

Each alert message will have a full synopsis of what is currently occurring and what is expected to occur in the next 24 hours. This includes information on ongoing and predicted Geo Magnetic Storms, Solar Radiation Storms (can affect GPS), and Radio Blackout events. This will also be accompanied by the latest 3 day forecast. Please Note: Before taking action on any alert message it is up to you to check with the appropriate web pages for your country or Nasa/Noaa pages how the event is likely to affect you. This is because storms are often geographically bounded unless they are really bad.

Alert Status

Space Weather Status=Green
All quiet.
Activity stable


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